Blockchain Technology for Aviation: Applications and Rationale

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Industry Overview

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    Security Control

    Blockchain can be used to track the locations of valuable assets in real-time and with high accuracy. Information such as flight routes, luggage onboarding, tracking down a missing entity, passenger data, and so on can be useful in the event of an emergency. Holding all flight-related data on a blockchain backup record might add an extra layer of protection to today’s breach-prone centralized systems. It will also ensure that the process is transparent and effective.

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    Repair of aircraft

    The science behind ledger technology has progressed to the point where continuous ledger updation can result in increased productivity and utilization. Predictive maintenance and the elimination of problems before they impact required airline operations can also be aided by blockchain. MRO service providers may use blockchain to provide verifiable metadata for the components they service or add.

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    Ticketing with Tokens

    With the aid of blockchain technology, the theoretical idea of smart tickets can be brought to life. This would not only remove the need for paper tickets, but it can also be used to gain access to the airport lounge, lodging, and other services. Furthermore, storing smart tickets on a blockchain may help minimize or fully eliminate the confusion that happens when a centralized ticketing database for an airline or an entire airport goes down.

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