Blockchain Technology for Marketing: Applications and Rationale

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  • +48%

    Increase in ROI

  • -90%

    Reduced processes

  • 99%

    Reliability rate


Industry overview

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    Loyalty Programs

    With blockchain in marketing, multiple brands can tie up and form an alliance with a common reward points system. Once this system has been created, reward points from one brand can be used with another, leading to a win-win situation for the brands and the customer.

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    Ad Fraud

    Blockchain technology can be used in this regard to remove all the middlemen involved in a transaction. Only the brand and the advertisement publisher are involved and are in direct contact, and payments are made automatically.

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    Targeted Advertising

    The ability to track and align truth through a standardized “smart contract” has major implications for business models. For example, if the delivery of advertising impressions and viewability is trustworthy and can be tracked, automated reconciliation and payments may be triggered according to clear terms.

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