Blockchain Technology for Media: Applications and Rationale

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Industry overview

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    Media Supply Chain

    lockchain, with its shared ledger approach, can help to improve the media supply chain and decrease copyright infringements by adding transparency, security and control. As an example, it may decrease copyright infringements in music streaming where publishers and songwriters are regularly accusing music streaming providers—such as Spotify, Napster and Pandora—of not paying all they are entitled to, missing as much as 25 percent of streaming royalties.

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    Publishing Rights

    Blockchains can help M&E companies operate much more effectively within their business networks because they support consensus, provenance, immutability and finality, cost removal, and reduced tampering and fraud. It also contributes to enhanced data quality, increased trust, and reduction or elimination of disputes.

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    Targeted Advertising

    The ability to track and align truth through a standardized “smart contract” has major implications for business models. For example, if the delivery of advertising impressions and viewability is trustworthy and can be tracked, automated reconciliation and payments may be triggered according to clear terms.

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