Blockchain Technology for Warehousing: Applications and Rationale

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Industry overview

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    Smart Contracts

    Smart Contracts, which are self-executing contracts with terms of agreement between two parties written into lines of code, can be utilized by the warehouse to automate verifications and payment.

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    Smart Warehousing

    Smart warehousing is featured by the utilization of ICT, internet of things (IoT), and various modern data collection and analysis technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), sensors and machine learning. A key issue of establishing smart warehousing is developing a comprehensive security system that facilitates the use and management of data. Traditional ways manage data in a centralized fashion and are prone to inaccurate data, data distortion and misuse as well as cyber-attack.

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    Food Supply Chain

    With increased globalization and intense competition in the market, food supply chains have become longer and more complex than ever before. There are some common problems in food supply chains such as food traceability, food safety and quality, food trust and supply chain inefficiency, which add additional risks on the entire society, economy and the health of human.

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